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Over many years edFirst has compiled a database of 1000’s of companies who are eager to work within the education sector to provide you with essential services and products. This makes life easier for your school or academy, saving you valuable time and money. EdQuote has created a free and easy tool for you to obtain these quotes.


So how does edQuote work?

Just register to use the service and you’ll receive quotes keeping your anonymity at all times until YOU decide when to release your details to a potential company that can provide the service/product you require at a competitive price. Once submitted, school-focused businesses from across the country will be invited to compete to provide the best quote, allowing your school to accept the one that’s right.

In this day and age it can be quite off putting to fill in a form on the internet and then be bombarded with emails that have no relevancy to you whatsoever. EdQuote eliminates this as your details are not shared with any 3rd parties at all. It takes just five minutes to submit a request, after which your school buyer can sit back and watch as the quotes arrive.

Give it a try – it’s free for schools!

Click HERE to login or register.


You can also browse edFirst using our directory of suppliers to find a service or product in your area as the searches are geographically based.

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