Health and Safety

Closure Meetings Held at Asbestos School

Parents of more than 900 pupils at a school in Wales closed because of asbestos are waiting to hear when their children can return to lessons. More..   Please submit your comments below.


Silent classroom killer? 75% of schools contain deadly asbestos says report

Schools might strive to be healthy, safe environments for students, but hidden asbestos could be putting the very lives of teachers and pupils at risk. New fears have surfaced over the safety of…


Keeping Schools and Students Safe in the Cloud

A few years ago information security expert Thomas Parenty warned, “You have no idea who is managing the computers with your information. You have no idea where they are. You have no idea…


Health & Safety Considerations for Schools

Schools are obliged to provide and promote a safe environment; to protect pupils, staff and visitors; to look after their health, both physical and mental and to ensure their safety at all times…


More teachers taking sick leave and for longer – DfE

Official figures show that more teachers took sickness absence in the 2010-2011 academic year compared with the year before. According to data from the Department for Education: 56 per cent of teachers  took sickness…


New Health & Safety Myth Busters Panel Launched

“Health and Safety” is often incorrectly used as a convenient excuse to stop what are essentially sensible activities going ahead.The Health and Safety Executive has set up an independent panel – the Myth…

School nurse

‘i can c u now’ – New Plan to enable pupils to book school nurse by text or email

Young people could soon be texting their school nurses for appointments in a new drive to improve health in schools, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley announced today. It is part of a new plan…

Tripping up

Tripping up – Are health & safety concerns and logistical red tape making school trips untenable

School Trips have clear social and educational benefits for pupils. But are health and safety concerns and logistical red tape making them untenable asks Helen Gordon. Despite the fact that ninety-nine percent of…

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