Why Canopies Will Benefit Your School


There are many advantages to investing in canopies for schools. School is a magical time for most pupils and the addition of a canopy can make it even more fulfilling. Parents, teachers and children have all said positive things about canopies. Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages of adding a canopy to a play area.

Strong and safe

Canopies are renowned for their safety. It’s vital that we don’t underestimate the importance of safety at school. Canopies keep areas dry and ensure harm is kept to a minimum if children are running. Wet surfaces are much more dangerous than dry ones if running is taking place. Canopies can be used to make small and large areas safe and dry.

Better outdoor play

The rain can make outdoor play impossible. Most children agree that playing outside is much more fun than doing so indoors. Canopies allow outdoor play to take place even if the weather isn’t ideal. This means that outdoor play is possible all year round, regardless of what is happening with the climate. If you feel your pupils could benefit from a dry outdoor play area and shelter all year round, a canopy could be the answer. There are many canopy providers that can design and build a canopy to your exact specifications, bringing your pupils a protected environment and a welcome link between indoor and outdoor play.

Great fun all year long

Education authorities have been strongly recommending the use of canopies to make all-weather outdoor learning and play possible. Canopies aren’t just great for rainy days – they are also ideal for hot summer days when kids need to be in the shade to avoid being burnt and exposed to harmful UV rays. They also protect kids from heat exhaustion. A permanent canopy will provide a year-long solution. The best canopy suppliers will be able to offer a tailored canopy rather than a “one size fits all” service, allowing you to cater for your school’s unique needs and requirements perfectly.

Protection from the elements

Before you choose a canopy supplier, it’s wise to do your research and see what the various companies have to offer. You may well wish to take a look at some canopies that have already been built for schools to get a better idea of what the company can offer. Playground canopies can also double up as valuable waiting areas for parents picking their children up from school. Many parents leave their homes in the sun only to find themselves being drenched minutes later due to the unpredictable climate. A canopy will protect parents from the elements and give them a comfortable place to stand whilst they wait for their children. There are many different benefits attached to canopies for schools.

Get a guarantee

It’s wise to choose a canopy supplier like Clovis Canopies who have a lengthy guarantee and provide you with all the maintenance you require. The more experience the company has, the better, although some newer companies have designed and built canopies to the highest standards. You should feel free to ask any questions you need to before signing up for a canopy and make sure it can be used all year round. Make sure the company adheres to British standards to make sure their canopies are strong and safe enough for the job.

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  1. Canopies are a fantastic way of keeping the playground and other school grounds safe. Great article!

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