Write for us

Do you have a perspective on an issue relating to school management which you’d like to share, be it government policy, good practice or simply a story that needs telling?

If you are a school leader or have expertise in a related area – such as management, leadership, health & safety, finance, ICT, school design, catering, sustainability or special educational needs – and would like to contribute to SMT, just send an email to editor@smtmagazine.co.uk.

The Perks

Apart from the chance to voice your mind, here are some of the other benefits of writing for SMT Magazine:

  • Your article will be made available to schools throughout the UK
  • Your author biography will be displayed prominently, including a link to your website or blog

The Rules

We are very happy to receive a wide range of views and writing styles, however:

  • Your article must focus on schools or the way in which schools may be affected by other issues, preferably citing examples.
  • Articles must not read like a ‘sales pitch’ (see our style guidelines below).
  • We reserve the right to edit the content of your submission as we see fit.
  • Your article must be unique. It cannot have been published elsewhere previously.
  • By submitting an article to SMT Magazine, you grant us a non-exclusive perpetual licence to reproduce, modify, publish and communicate your article in any format. You own the copyright of your article and are free to publish your article elsewhere, but we ask that you acknowledge that it was first published in SMT Magazine, including where possible a hyperlink to the SMT website.

Style Guidelines

We are not restrictive on your word limit or style. Writing is an art and we are keen to give you as much freedom to write with your own style and flow. However, you should bear in mind that our target audience is made up of busy school managers, so please be concise and accurate.

Submitting Articles

Pitches and agreed submissions should be sent by email to the editor at editor@smtmagazine.co.uk either as an attachment (Microsoft Word or text document) or pasted into the body of the email. If you are including images with your article, these should be included as separate attachments – i.e. not saved inside a Word document. Submissions should include a headline, subhead and lead paragraph. Please also include any links you may require, these might be to webpages, mobile apps or embedded videos. Your submission should also include a 100-word author biography and, if possible, a photo of yourself – to be displayed at the end of your article.

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