Online Booking Software Can Help Support Schools To Conform with New Regulations 


Caitlin Roxburgh | Booking Live | August 2015

Changes in government policy mean schools are now being encouraged to provide wraparound childcare both before and after school. 

As part of the government’s extended school’s agenda, schools are now having to provide childcare services to parents. Previously there have been many barriers to accessing childcare for parents, including limited spaces in after school clubs, as well as high costs. The government are looking to tackle this, but schools will need new systems and processes in place to manage additional childcare provision.

Although not an obvious firstline solution, online booking software is able to tackle the new regulations surrounding childcare. New technologies and software are often overlooked by school bodies, mainly due to cost implications. But schools could be set to change their thinking, as booking software is said to pay for itself in the long run.

As the majority of schools do not have a dedicated after school club manager, the job is often shared by existing staff members. Case Studies, such as the work Clifton College and Booking Live have done, show that through the implementation of online booking software, schools are able to reduce the amount of staff time spent on admin tasks such as scheduling. In theory, booking software means staff members are able to focus on their jobs rather than having to worry about chasing parents up for payment or overbooking childcare spots.

Due to the vast range of booking software on offer, schools can now implement enterprise booking software which features industry-specific tools such as document uploads. This means parents can add documents specified by the schools to their bookings, such as photos of themselves to ensure their children are being picked up by the correct person. Medical and permission forms can also be uploaded, so regulations are met. Some booking software is even able to process childcare vouchers.

Through use of booking software for schools, staff members are able to display resources such as food and drinks within the booking process on their website. Parents are then able to select resources such as these when booking their child in to a club. From here, staff members can log in to their system and see how many food orders have been placed to prevent any child from missing out. It is even possible to record dietary requirements through use of certain booking software suppliers, so parents are able to input any allergies or preferences their children may have.

As well as boasting a range of benefits for school staff members, booking software can also make parents’ lives easier. As well as providing the ability to book online 24/7, parents can log in and manage their own bookings via schools’ websites. Due to the evolution of optimisation, many booking systems are now mobile-ready, meaning parents are able to make booking via desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Despite government changes generating additional work for schools, some are turning the changes around. In addition to ensuring schools conform to regulations surrounding wraparound childcare and maintaining parent satisfaction, booking software can also be used for other purposes within schools, allowing them to monetise school resources to the public. With enterprise booking software it is possible to set up room bookings – from meeting rooms to computer rooms – and events alongside after school clubs, making the cost go further. Due to the use of software, they are able to run holiday clubs, events and hall hire as well as process payments all from one system.


For more information about booking software for education, head to Booking Live’s website.

caitlin_roxburghCaitlin Roxburgh is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Booking Live. Booking Live are online booking software providers who specialise in the provision of booking systems to the education sector. This includes schools and childcare providers who take bookings for after-school clubs, holiday clubs and events. Caitlin has a love of writing content and is somewhat of an expert when it comes to technology in education.




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