Conscious Living, your Coach in your Pocket

Would you like to feel calm, in control and positive in your role?

Conscious Living in the Workplace could be just what you are looking for!


Amanda and Kathy have combined coaching experience of more than 20 years and have worked in various different corporate and entrepreneurial leadership roles. Their experience, coupled with their training as personal development coaches and NLP practitioners, enables them to bring Conscious Living principles into the workplace and make a difference to leaders, teams and individuals.

The power these principles have in the workplace is life-changing:

  • We become open to possibilities and opportunities, aspiring to the best outcome for everyone.
  • When a whole team learns and implements these skills together, positive changes are achieved improving everyone’s experience of their daily working life.

The art of Conscious Living starts with raising our personal self-awareness and understanding ourselves better. We use a variety of established and proven tools and resources to help with a range of workplace challenges.

These tools help to improve communication within teams and between colleagues to enable you to get the best from your teams and individuals. We identify internal saboteurs that prevent people from performing at their best and focus on building on innate strengths to increase confidence and enable successful teams and leaders.

LEADERSHIP coaching provides a supportive environment to develop the skills necessary to lead a team effectively, dealing with specific challenges and helping to reframe these for positive outcomes.

TEAMS coaching helps to build resilient teams and create a fun, co-creative, aspirational, supportive and kind working environment.

INDIVIDUAL coaching supports team members from their own unique perspective helping to create balance, develop wider perspectives and enable empowered choices.

Conscious Living – Your Coach In Your Pocket

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