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The Bulwell Academy benefits from the rope access treatment

As any educational institution will know, keeping buildings and premises in good condition is important not just for health and safety, but also to provide a pleasant environment that encourages students and staff…


Have you heard of edQuote?

(Advertorial) edQuote – speed up your schools procurement it’s as easy as 1,2,3 Over many years edFirst has compiled a database of 1000′s of companies who are eager to work within the education…


Industry Immersion: teachers get hands-on experience at IBM Computing Summer School

This July, teachers will have the chance to step out of the classroom setting and into the technology industry with the IBM Computing Summer School, which will take place 3-5 July 2017, at…

salesperson smt

When is a teacher a salesperson?

Teaching is selling I was chatting to a headteacher at an event I had organised recently and I can’t even remember what we were talking about exactly, but he said to me: “So…


Irlen syndrome – Wear your rose-coloured (or blue or green) glasses…and read on!

Most folks have never heard of Irlen syndrome. When people ask why my daughter wears tinted spectacles, I tell them it’s because she has Irlen; the usual response is ‘what’s that?’ or ‘isn’t…


Nottingham Trent student develops virtual reality technology to help people, like him, who stutter

An MSc student who has stuttered since the age of six is using virtual reality technology to help rehabilitate people with speech impediments. Gareth Walkom, 24, an MSc Medical Product Design student at Nottingham…

uk air pollution limits

UK Air Pollution and its Impact on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Schools

The UK – alongside Germany, France, Italy and Spain – have been issued a final warning by the European Commission for failing to address breaches of air pollution limits for nitrogen oxide. EU…


How to empower students with SEN through drama

Last week, Labour started an investigation into access to the arts to look into what prevents working class people from entering the world of drama. Not only are actors from less privileged backgrounds…

This Morning's Be Kind Campaign

What is This Morning’s Be Kind Campaign and should all schools be a part of it?

Whether you’re a fan of This Morning or not, you may have heard about their Be Kind Campaign. I’ll explain what it is and whether your school should be a party of it….

Seafarers Awareness Week in Partnership with Fyffes

Kids to go bananas over their lunchbox with Seafarers Awareness Week

  24,000 primary schools across the UK are being invited to ask their pupils: ‘How does a banana get to your lunchbox?’ The question forms part of an educational campaign run by the…

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