Special Educational Needs

Irlen syndrome – Wear your rose-coloured (or blue or green) glasses…and read on!

Most folks have never heard of Irlen syndrome. When people ask why my daughter wears tinted spectacles, I tell them it’s because she has Irlen; the usual response is ‘what’s that?’ or ‘isn’t…


Speech and Language Therapy

What is a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT)? A Speech and Language Therapist is a trained professional who specialises in Speech, Language and Communication needs (SLCN). They also specialise in swallowing and feeding…


How Special Education Teachers Can Incorporate Technology into the Classroom

The special education industry is quite a demanding marketplace. Not only are there the typical needs of educating young people that apply to any learning environment, there are also the compounding effects of…


Communication Matters – Supporting Pupils with Speech, Language and Communication Needs

Effective communication is a prerequisite of effective teaching and learning, but a broad range of speech, language and communication needs are stopping many pupils from achieving their potential at school. Speech, language and…


Don’t use ‘tougher diagnosis’ as excuse to cut SEN support, warns NAHT

The NAHT has welcomed government proposals to link together all agencies of child support – education, health and care – to make it easier for parents to access targeted help for their child…


Queen’s Speech: NAHT comments on SEN Implications

In her speech at the state opening of parliament, the Queen outlined plans for a shake-up of support for children with special educational needs. Russell Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Head…

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