6 Reasons Why Schools Should Make the Most of the Improving Weather

Leading the wayWith the weather improving and the sun becoming an ever-present feature of our working environment, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of transferring the traditional indoor science lesson to the school grounds. There are so many benefits that you can achieve from outdoor education, which is why you might not be wrong in thinking that moving your classroom outside is a good idea. Here are some of the main reasons why an outdoor education holds such significant value in modern schooling.

A Positive Attitude

There’s no doubt that children manage to obtain more of a positive attitude towards their learning when they are inspired by the activity. Getting the chance to participate in an outdoor activity alongside their teachers helps them to realise that there is more to education than just sitting down and copying off of the smart board. Children can grasp further understanding through the direct experience they get from outdoor activities, whilst they also become more responsible for their learning as a result of the outdoor experience.

The Curriculum

The entire curriculum can benefit from a child’s ability to experience the potential of learning outdoors. The new environment contributes in various different ways to the overall skills of the child, whether it’s social and cultural awareness, intellect, morality or even spirituality. In addition, the pure satisfaction from moving outdoors contributes drastically to their overall development as a human being.

Historical Value

The country has always welcomed the prospect of moving the teaching environment outdoors, possibly due to the fact that good weather was experienced on few occasions throughout the year. For children that are based in built-up, urban areas it is extremely important that they understand the natural value of our country and our general heritage, whether it’s understanding more about the local wildlife or inspiring towards a future Duke of Edinburgh Award. It’s vitally important that they realise that learning can take place outside of the workplace.

The Future

It’s always important to realise that future generations will be responsible for an ever-changing environment that will feel the effects of climate change. Giving children the platform to respect and appreciate the natural environment gives them the inspiration they need to become aware of the importance of the worlds natural resources and how vital it is that we manage to sustain them.

A Sense of Adventure

Children aren’t meant to be restricted to inactive learning, whether it’s sitting at a desk or working solely on the computer. Instead, children should be given the opportunity to make the most of their adventurous characteristics, from taking part in various team-building activities to working on their problem solving and self-reliance.

Physical & Mental Health

Without the opportunity to experience outdoor learning, children may find that their interests lie solely with modern technology and other activities that will not contribute to their future health and fitness. Active outdoor learning can significantly contribute to a child’s active interests, whether it’s taking part in extra-curricular activities or simply meeting up with friends to work and play outside of the school premises.

Louise Burton is a part time classroom assistant with a pre-school age child of her own. She writes on behalf of Red Box Teacher Recruitment, experienced providers of temporary teachers and auxiliary staff for schools including primary schools and nurseries in London.

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