ATL comment on call for all students over 16 to study maths

Responding to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee call for maths to be compulsory for all students over age 16, Alison Ryan, education policy adviser at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), said:

“We agree that all young people should be competent in maths. But if maths is to be made compulsory beyond age 16, a lot of thought needs to be given to what and how it is taught, and whether there are sufficient teachers to teach it.

“We would want teachers to be involved in drawing up any new curriculum of the maths that would be taught to those who are not studying it as part of a GCSE, A-level or other recognised qualification.”

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  1. I see they’ve deployed the stock response to any problem identified – the usual ‘sledgehammer to crack a nut’ method, whereby all students must be made to study the thing we need a bit more of. I look forward to all university students being made to study medicine on the grounds that we haven’t got enough doctors.

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