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Educate and inspire your students about the importance of safe water and improved sanitation with WaterAid’s Water Resource – an extensive collection of lesson plans, activities, games and fundraising ideas. Baindu, Amie and Vandy. Nyeama, Sierra Leone.

Water has the potential to save and transform lives. Yet 748 million people have no access to safe water while 2.5 billion lack adequate sanitation, impacting significantly on the health and education of children. WaterAid is committed to improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities as well as raising awareness about the importance of these fundamental human rights.

From the physics of flushes and flows to why handwashing is important, the free teaching pack will help you take your students on a journey to learn about water and understand the difference safe water makes.

Lesson plans are linked to the curriculum and are divided according to age, with both primary and secondary levels available. The specially designed plans cover a variety of subjects such as water use in communities around the world, tips on saving water at home, human rights and sanitation, water as a precious resource, and the role of WaterAid in ensuring safe water and sanitation for all.

The Water Resource is available to order online and is full of engaging and interactive resources, such as an activities sheet, a water technologies poster, a wall planner, stickers and WaterAid’s little book of teaching and fundraising ideas.

The Water Resource also contains materials to help schools hold fundraising events such as sponsored bake sales and fun runs, with additional activities and competitions available online for international days such as World Water Day.

There are additional useful teaching materials available online, which include classroom worksheets on the connection between water and deadly diseases and the cycle of water from draining a sink and flushing a toilet, to watering a lawn. Art, music and drama activities are also available.

Teachers can also access a fantastic range of videos, songs and images on the Water Resource, many made specifically for schools.

And why not invite one of WaterAid’s inspiring volunteer speakers to come to your school and bring water issues to life in the classroom by delivering free, interactive and educational workshops and talks?

Presentations can be tailored to the teacher’s specific needs and can include a general talk about WaterAid’s work or a more detailed discussion on subjects such as WaterAid’s technologies, specific countries that WaterAid works in, solutions to the water and sanitation crisis and how teachers and students can contribute to reaching everyone, everywhere with clean water and sanitation by 2030.

Delivered by trained volunteers, interactive half or full day workshops are linked to the curriculum and include educational games, quizzes and exercises to inspire group discussion. WaterAid workshops are suitable for Year 4 pupils onwards with a maximum of 30 pupils.

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