Cyber Security training for staff and head pupils?

In a recent article in UK Authority on an audit carried out by The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the London Grid for Learning (LGfL), on 432 schools around the UK earlier in the year, it reported that 83% of schools have experienced at least one cyber security incident.

The report suggested there are shortcomings in the following areas:

  • 45% include core IT services in their risk register
  • 41% have a business continuity plan
  • 35% train non-IT staff in cyber security. Relatively low use of practices such as mobile device management and two-factor authentication
  • 49% are confident they are adequately prepared for a cyber attack

Almost all schools said losing access to their networks would cause considerable disruption and over 92% wanted more cyber security training for staff.

Paul Guha, Director, GNC Technology Limited advised “that schools really should have a business continuity plan should the worse happen.” He added “schools hold an incredible amount of personal and detailed information on parents, staff, and pupils and for this to fall into the wrong hands could be catastrophic for the school’s reputation. We help schools put together a workable plan that is communicated to all the staff concerned and arrange for training for the staff should they need it.’

If cyber security is on your agenda this year, contact IT Experts and listed schools’ supplier GNC Technology on

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