Helping Higher Education Maximise Value Using a “One Card” Solution

Educational institutions have evolved in their requirements and adoption of technology as they continually aim to satisfy the growing demands of a very technology savvy group of consumers: Students. They are faced with the challenges of meeting today’s security needs and at the same time providing foundations for the future.

On the agenda of every campus office is leveraging the capabilities of a student card for everyday applications in order to provide convenience not only on campus but also off campus and keeping the campus safe in as cost-effective a manner as is possible.

One of the university’s most important responsibilities is attaining optimal value from One Campus Card to protect students, faculty, staff and property. Campus security can be achieved using contactless smart card technology and the greatest efficiency and convenience comes from a single card access control solution that also enables other value-added applications.

A single contactless campus ID smart card has multi-functional possibilities. It can allow for secure facility access with one card right from opening doors to entering entertainment venues. Data security can be achieved using contactless smart cards to control access to campus data such as exam results, healthcare information and other sensitive campus records. Combining contactless and chip technology, Crescendo® credentials from HID Global can be used in combination with HID Global’s iCLASS SE® readers. Secure Card Issuance

A plethora of other applications such as cashless payments, parking and transportation, time and attendance monitoring is what students, faculty and staff can enjoy, thanks to the advanced capabilities of a single secure campus card.

Moreover, with today’s busy lifestyles students, faculty and staff alike are increasingly becoming accustomed to having security, convenience – anytime, anywhere. A single card solution addresses this need as it can work with both wired and wireless locks installed on secure storage receptacles like cabinets and gym lockers. These locks can be connected to the building’s online access control system for near online and near-real-time control.

Cards can also be used to protect and monitor even higher-value resources like fleet vehicles, and industrial, laboratory or other equipment. Institutions with high-security R&D labs, for instance, might wish to deploy biometric technology, as the Arizona State University, USA has done in selected areas of its campus, by implementing HID Global’s advanced access control solutions.

Finally, in an increasingly cost and sustainability conscious environment another important card application is secure document management and printing, which reduces paper, toner, maintenance and energy costs, while ensuring that authorised users access resources properly. Cards can also be used for a range of building automation programmes to control access to lighting and HVAC systems to cite a few examples.

There are a diverse range of trends that are influencing Student ID Card Deployment and Management in Higher Education. Some of the major trends are ‘learning mobility’, increased use of mobile devices, convenience leading to “off-campus” usage, efficient photo ID badging and secure visitor management, integrating access control solutions as campuses expand and enhanced security protecting learning assets using signature solutions with the Student ID Card.

HID Global’s solutions and services for educational institutions are developed from the ground up to facilitate convenience and give security officers the confidence that their infrastructure can enable students, staff and faculty for many applications for years to come without compromising security.





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