How to Organise a School Fashion Show

How to plan a school fashion show

Hosting your own fashion show is a fun way to raise money for your school. Not every child will enjoy parading up and down a catwalk, but they can all get involved in some way.

Organising a school fashion show can be very time consuming and there may be some hard work involved. But, on the day, there will be a buzz of excitement and it will all be worthwhile.

Here are some hints to help you along:

The clothes

Without clothes there will be no show. To get some, approach local boutiques and stores and persuade them to lend them to you. Many high street stores stock organic or fair trade clothes and they will be keen to promote this.

Charity shops are another great way to get clothes for fashion shows. If you have a creative eye you can put some great outfits together.

You can also get the children to customise or re-style their old items of clothing – the crazier the designs the better.

The details

Both teachers and children can brainstorm a few ideas to get small details sorted out. Will it be one continuous show or will it be broken up into different styles with short breaks – and how will you fill these breaks?

It is easiest to find willing volunteers to model in the show – getting a range of variety of height, shapes and sizes is good.

Raising money

The number one way to raise money for your cause with a charity fashion show is to sell tickets. You can also pair the fashion show with a dinner, in which case you can charge more. You might also consider holding a raffle or hold an auction to raise more money.

Promoting your event

There are a number of ways you can promote your event throughout the school and to parents, including using social media– such as Facebook and Twitter – and making posters.

The Catwalk

The key feature of the show is the catwalk. The length and layout is the most important thing to consider. Stage blocks are ideal since they are about the right height.

If you would rather not use a raised catwalk, you can use a floor level stage area.

How you shape your stage largely depends on the backstage area and where the entrance to the catwalk is.

You can, of course, use your existing staging to accomplish, but it’s much easier to get some modular staging, which you can arrange into any shape.

If you don’t own any suitable staging, you can get some easy-to-build, durable, lightweight modular staging from Unistage.

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