Inquiry reveals evidence of illegal school exclusions

Tiverton , Tiverton High School - - 1341741Today Dr Maggie Atkinson, Children’s Commissioner for England publishes findings from her School Exclusions Inquiry in her report, “They Never Give Up On You”.  It finds most schools work hard to cater for troubled students.  However, for the first time on record, schools have admitted illegally excluding children.

The School Exclusions Inquiry report follows eight months of work gathering far reaching evidence from the Government, key partners in education, pupils and visiting schools across England.

The Inquiry found good practice in many parts of England, as well as areas for concern and improvement.

Dr Maggie Atkinson, Children’s Commissioner for England, said, “For the first time schools are on record saying they had illegally excluded pupils. Due to the informal nature of such exclusions it is difficult to know how widespread this practice is but it is worth further examination.  Our Inquiry, which took evidence from a wide range of education partners and young people, found both good practice and serious causes for concern.

Our report recognises that exclusion may in rare cases be a necessary last resort.  It should happen only if a child is a danger to his or herself or others, or when learning is so disrupted that only exclusion is possible.  But all exclusions must be within the law.  They must be seen to be fair, and proven to be effective in solving the problems they are meant to address.”

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