New course aims to help young women

My name is Natalie Walker Brimble and I am an accredited life and performance coach. I am fully accredited by both EDI (Education Development International) and NCP (National Council of Psychotherapists). I am also schools approved by Ed First.

My other area of expertise is Children and Young people. I have worked in the third sector for the last 13 years. This has included extensive direct advocacy work, restorative justice, missing young people, youth engagement, and training.

Merging my passion for coaching and its transformational results, alongside my expertise in working with CYP, has led to the development of this course.

There is such a vast array of self-development, self-awareness courses, books, groups, webinars, podcasts and online programmes built for adults. However, there is virtually nothing for young adults.

This course aims to help Young Women to –

  • Gain insight and clarity about their own behaviours, values, dreams, needs and plans and how to get their desired outcomes.
  • Promoting confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, prioritising themselves and how to maximise their positive strengths in their lives.
  • How they identify themselves and what motivates them, what makes them tick and possible personality traits.
  • Gain understanding and perspective by becoming more aware of their own thoughts, generalisations, processes and transference.
  • Identify triggers to overwhelmed, stress or anxiety. To gain focus and clarity by to evaluating and focusing on what is within their control and learning strategies to lessen the effects of anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

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