More than 100 headteachers, governors and senior teachers from across schools in Britain are set to visit Trent College in Nottingham for the school’s first ever ‘Heads and Governors – A Time to Lead’ event on Friday (7 June).


The event, open to both independent and state schools, will explore the best ways heads and governors can work together for the common good of their school and pupils, with keynote speakers from the independent sector, plus other leading educationalists and leadership experts, providing an insight into how the most successful schools are managed.


The relationship between a school’s head and its governors is a constant balancing act between a school running prudently and effectively for the good of its pupils and giving them the best possible all-round education both inside and outside the classroom.


But although the word ‘challenge’ is so often used when discussing current issues in education, Mrs Gill Dixon, Head of Trent College, insists ‘A Time to Lead’ will have an altogether different focus.


She said: “We have been absolutely delighted by the response we have had to ‘Heads and Governors – A Time to Lead’ and we look forward to welcoming everyone to Trent College.


“We talk so much about the pressures we face in education, when we should be talking about opportunity. We want heads and governors from around the country to talk and to listen to each other, to be inspired by the achievements and ambitions of each other, to gain reassurance and courage from each other and to return to their own schools knowing why we do what we do, feeling topped up and with eyes shining.”


David Hanson, Chief Executive of the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS), is one of the event’s guest speakers.


He said: “A focus on good governance is most timely. Successful schools remain alert to, and knowledgeable about, the ever-changing world in which they operate. They recognise that while history and tradition are important factors in an institution maintaining its identity and core ideals, sometimes fundamental changes are required in order to remain successful.”


Joining Mr Hanson in speaking are Christine Ryan, Chief Inspector of the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), who will examine what excellent governance looks and feels like in outstanding schools, renowned educationalist Bruce Potts, who will focus on ensuring schools are thriving, happy places where children love to be, and leadership expert, Humphrey Walters, addressing the value of building high performance teams in schools.


For more information about the event visit www.trentcollege.net or to follow what’s happening live from the conference hall follow @TrentPress on Twitter.


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