The Benefits of School Renovation – How a New Atmosphere Can Be a Learning Experience


When it comes to schools, people often think of dingy classrooms, outdated desks, dusty chalkboards and the like. ‘Modern’ does not normally come to mind when people think of schools and this can be a real shame when trying to convince children that it is a worthwhile place to attend. By perpetuating this image of boring, grey and dull classrooms with droning teachers, we are inherently teaching children right from a young age that school will be a drag, and that is not always a good lesson to teach.

However by embarking on a classroom renovation project, schools can provide everything a student needs including state of the art equipment, ample storage space, individual lockers and desks and much more. Renovating classrooms will give schools an opportunity to cast away that ‘outdated’ persona and embrace a new technological age, in order to help convince children that learning can be a thoroughly enriching and exciting experience.

Bright Colours will make Learning Synonymous with Fun

When renovating a classroom it is important to remember that you need to create furniture that is both practical and imaginative. Children love bright colours and interesting shapes and patterns, so by incorporating the rainbow into your design; even if it is by use of pastels, you will help to create a brighter environment in which children are more eager to learn.

Bright, colourful surroundings evoke feelings of joy in all of us, so why not encourage children to feel joy while learning new things at school? By using these bright colours to our advantage the designers are able to help teachers make learning synonymous with fun, as learning can be fun when done in the right manner.

New Desks and New Furniture are Exciting and Inspiring for Children

Which would you prefer, a brand new piece of technology, still in its cellophane wrapping with shiny buttons and untouched surfaces on it? Or a battered and scuffed hand-me-down piece with a bit of old chewing gum still stuck on the corner and a couple of the keys missing? While financially it is effective, this is essentially how children feel when sitting at the same desks as the children of ten and twenty years ago. Yes they have their own unique character but new desks provide children a sense of ownership; they are the first ones to sit in those desks, the first to use the new equipment. It feels like an achievement.

It also encourages a sense of respect for their belongings. Imagine your full maths notepad back at school. There are a few blank pages left at the back of the book. How many doodles have been drawn on those covers? How many pages have been ripped out? What about the condition of the spine? Now compare that to a brand new book as you mark the first page. You are more likely to take care of a new piece of equipment, to keep it shiny and nice for as long as possible, if it looks neat and tidy.

Updated Technology Keeping Schools Current

Another aspect of school life is the concept that most of the equipment was old and outdated before your class ever even started school. New technology is hard for schools to come by simply because of financial reasons and that can make schools seem boring and sluggish in comparison to your desk at home. By investing in newer technology, students feel more inspired to keep up to date with their studies and homework as it is used on a platform with which they are familiar.

Online homework is far easier for the modern child than having to go to the library. Researching about the effect on social media, or the effect of a poll on a blog feels more familiar than going out into the street and trying to convince passers-by to complete a questionnaire. It is less a concept of ‘pandering to the technology generation’ and more about adapting to the times. Get it updated!

Although a classroom renovation will effectively help to encourage children to learn in class, ultimately that is up to the teachers to inspire their students and the students to have that willingness to learn. A new classroom can only do so much if the resources and the teaching skills are lacking, but it provides a strong foundation upon which a good teacher will be able to build up excitement and a passion for learning.

It is essential that we provide the next generation with all the tools they need to get a strong education, as after all they are the future, and need a good start in life in order to get ahead. By making good use of the resources provided and by offering first class renovated facilities, we allow our children the best opportunities available.


Article provided by Complete Interior Design, a commercial interior fit out and office refurbishment business serving Surrey, Sussex and London.

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