Emile fractions game screenshot

Online Educational Game Portal Emile Helps Children Learn As They Play

Children will be able to learn as they play with a new online games portal developed by university education specialists and a company supplying web-based resources to primary schools. The platform, Emile, provides…


How schools can encourage pupils to cycle to school

Childhood obesity is on the rise in the UK with 70% of girls and 55% of boys predicted to be overweight or obese by 2050, according to the walk and cycle charity Sustrans….


Bottled Water: the High Price of Convenience

Bottled water is becoming more and more common in schools across the UK – but is the convenience really worth the price tag? In the following article, we’ll take a look behind the…


The Classroom Essentials Every Primary NQT Needs

As the start of the school year approaches, the time has finally come for you to be in charge of your own class, and in your own classroom! The prospect of preparing for…

uk air pollution limits

UK Air Pollution and its Impact on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Schools

The UK – alongside Germany, France, Italy and Spain – have been issued a final warning by the European Commission for failing to address breaches of air pollution limits for nitrogen oxide. EU…

Teaching the Hand Hygiene Curriculum

Teaching the Hand Hygiene Curriculum

Paul Jakeway, Marketing Director at Deb UK discusses how to reduce germ transfer and encourage hand washing in schools. At school, children are exposed to all kinds of germs and bacteria that they…

Energy Efficiency in Schools

How Schools Can Be Energy Efficient

Reducing energy emissions is beneficial to both your utility bills and your carbon foot print, so how can you work towards being energy efficient? It’s more important than ever to reduce energy emissions…


Leadership In Outstanding Special Schools

Leadership in Outstanding Special Schools DR MIC CAROLAN Having spent two years in a northern local authority as the education officer including Special education (which then included seven special schools, the EWO service,…


The Benefits of School Renovation – How a New Atmosphere Can Be a Learning Experience

When it comes to schools, people often think of dingy classrooms, outdated desks, dusty chalkboards and the like. ‘Modern’ does not normally come to mind when people think of schools and this can…


Online Booking Software Can Help Support Schools To Conform with New Regulations 

Caitlin Roxburgh | Booking Live | August 2015 Changes in government policy mean schools are now being encouraged to provide wraparound childcare both before and after school.  As part of the government’s extended…

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