9 Best Teaching Resources That Gear You Up For The Next Class!

9 Best Teaching Resources That Gear You Up For The Next Class!NGLogo560x430-cb1343821768


Teaching is a challenging task. It is no wonder that many teachers complain about pressure and stress. Other than teaching and managing the class, they have to arrange learning materials, compile notes and set up information-sharing sessions with the students. These hassles of teaching sometimes put immense pressure on the teachers and they have no choice but to depend on personal assistant.

However, teachers now have the facilities to avail the most resourceful tools that can assist them in teaching their class and alleviate their workload. So, if you are fed up of the daily issues of teaching and you’ve no one else to rely on, then these resources will make a perfect Personal Assistant (PA) for you:

  1. National Geographic Education: National Geographic Education is an initiative by National Geographic Channel that aims at providing high-quality education to society. The interest of National Geographic Education lies in history, culture, archaeology, geography and natural science. This website offers thorough teaching materials to teachers that include lesson plans, classroom activities, concepts and multimedia elements.
  1. Common Core 360: Common Core 360 is a tool for teachers to help them understand common core standards and initiatives. This tool provides teachers with educational resources that include news, educational tools and webinars. These tools help teachers get updated with the developments in the common core standards and implement the best practices to get the most favorable results.
  1. Education World: Education World is yet another excellent resource for educators. This website offers educators around the world to come on a single platform and share ideas. At educationworld.com, teachers can find lesson plans, avail expert opinions from educators and understand the use of technology in classroom.
  1. Edutopia: Edutopia is an initiative by filmmaker and producer George Lucas. This educational resource is particularly helpful for K-12 teachers. Edutopia provides a whole world for K-12 educators where they can acquire information in terms of the level of education as well as avail interesting information through multimedia elements. Teachers can also use the blog section to gain expert insights into the different aspects of K-12 education.
  1. VoiceThread: VoiceThread is a presentation tool that empowers the teachers to create interactive slides with their voice in the background. With multimedia elements, teachers are able to teach students in a more engaging way and capture their attention. VoiceThread makes it possible for the teachers to demonstrate the subtleties of a topic in an engaging way.
  1. Edmodo: The facebook of educators, Edmodo provides a podium for teachers to connect to their students and engage them in learning activities. Edmodo is like an online community for teachers where they can interact with their audience that includes students, parents and faculty members. It helps teachers communicate with their students in multiple ways. Using this social tool, teachers can give feedback to students, impart knowledge and share valuable ideas.
  1. YouTube Edu: This is perhaps the most popular tool for teachers. YouTube Edu enables the teachers to teach students through video contents. Teachers can significantly enhance engagement of students by putting their recorded lectures and educational videos on YouTube Edu. In this way, they are not only able to maximize the level of interest in students but also help them easily understand the complex ideas.
  1. TED Education: TED Education is an initiative by TED that brings together the intellectuals, scholars and social commentators on one place where they can share their thoughts. This educational resource aims at blending diversity of ideas and spreading them around the academic world. Teachers can use the platform of TED to get opinions and voices from educators and scholars around the world.
  1. Discovery Education: Discovery Education is a division of Discovery channel that fulfills an educational cause. This educational tool provides rich educational resources for teachers that they can integrate in the classroom. There are lots of other free tools that teachers can embed in their classroom and modernize the process of teaching.

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