Sensory Guru Announces Exciting Launches at Bett 2018

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Showcasing Sensory VR, Immersive Learning technologies Magic Mirror and Magic Immersion, as well as Magic Carpet, a Bett 2018 Awards Finalist

Sensory Guru are passionate about designing inspiring, inclusive and innovative learning technologies that can help to transform the classroom environment.

Bett 2018 will see the company launch pioneering new products and mixed access solutions that will enable students of all ages and abilities to access the National Curriculum in exciting new ways.

Innovative new products like Magic Mirror and Magic Immersion, provide highly engaging, interactive experiences for pupils, in the form of educational and therapeutic games, responsive sensory scenes and immersive learning journeys that are designed to educate, enchant and inspire learners.

Students can become historical figures, discover ancient tombs filled with meaningful learning challenges and experience the wider curriculum through creative, gamified learning applications that are designed to stimulate and engage pupils.

Both Magic Immersion and Magic Mirror provide users with unparalleled levels of accessibility. Configurable input settings allow multiple participants to interact with the content at any one time, by using gestures, eyes, switches, speech, sound or touch. This helps to create an inclusive learning environment.

Participants can also control the environment that surrounds them by interacting with the content, for example, travelling through space could trigger the lights around the room to dim. This helps to create a deeper level of immersion and enhances the tangibility of each learning experience.

Sensory Guru will also be unveiling Sensory VR, which has been designed to enable people with sensory needs to access and experience virtual reality, in a safe and controlled format.

For the first time, stimuli can be thoughtfully presented, personalised and tailored in real-time to suit the sensory needs of users. This enables facilitators to create a VR experience that is right for the user, be they a child with Autism or Complex Needs.

This helps to ensure that everyone can benefit from the responsive sensory scenes and mesmerising interactive journeys that VR has to offer.

Lee Blemings, CEO of Sensory Guru, said: “As a tool for sensory exploration, Sensory VR opens up a new world of discovery for users, therapists, educators, parents and caregivers. We have designed Sensory VR with a logical foundation, whereby the experience is built for each user, not predefined. If VR is going to be the future of learning, it is essential that it is inclusive and can be accessed by users of all ages and abilities.”

Sensory Guru’s Magic Carpet, a 2018 Bett Awards finalist, will also be on show at stand D170. The stunning, app-based interactive projection system has been recognised for its ability to harness pupil’s attention, make learning fun and help them stay engaged for longer.

The Sensory Guru stand at Bett 2018 promises to be an eye catching visual display of the latest, inclusive and accessible educational technology, that can transform the classroom environment. Come and try the latest products on stand D170.

Contact for more information and interviews:
Liana Tarling – Marketing and Communications Manager at Sensory Guru


You can also come and visit us at hall N1-19, stand D170

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