What is This Morning’s Be Kind Campaign and should all schools be a part of it?

This Morning's Be Kind Campaign

This Morning’s Be Kind Campaign

Whether you’re a fan of This Morning or not, you may have heard about their Be Kind Campaign. I’ll explain what it is and whether your school should be a party of it.

To put it in short, This Morning’s Be Kind Campaign was created to combat bullying and save young lives. It would be nice to believe that bullying doesn’t happen at your school however it happens in all schools.

This is a new campaign with it only starting on the 15th March 2017 but already the word has quickly spread with more and more schools joining the campaign to combat bullying and to also provide the help and advice parents need.

Why has this campaign only started now?

Schofield and Willoughby interviewed two mothers not that long ago about their children’s suicide in February 2017. Their suicides were a direct result of bullying. These interviews really hit home with viewers who wanted to do something about it. This Morning picked up on this and were encouraged to start the Be Kind Campaign.

Part of this anti-bullying campaign is that people will pledge to watch these two interviews to learn how bullying can ruin young lives, to be encouraged to be more kind and to know that they can always ask for help.

This campaign isn’t just directed at those being bullied though, it is also directed at those who are doing the bullying. They are young and might not realise how serious the consequences of their actions.

So many schools have joined the campaign and have shown these interviews to their pupils. They want to make their pupils more aware of the consequences of bullying but also to encourage them to make the world a kinder place.

This isn’t a question of whether your school should be a part of the Be Kind campaign because all schools should pledge.

It isn’t hard at all to pledge, simply go to http://www.itv.com/thismorning/hot-topics/pledge-to-share-our-anti-bullying-message and pledge that the pupils of your school will watch this thought provoking interview.

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